Warfrog's Swap Shop

Coming soon items from the hoard ready to trade or sell.

Up first Necromunda Terrain.
Two sets of cardboard buildings along with nearly 80 Bulkheads

A 28mm scale building

A 28mm scale elevator building

 48 Eldar Guardians New on Sprue
 10 Eldar Dire Avengers New on Sprue
 Eldar Avatar
 New in pack Eldar Baharoth, Eldar Farseer, Tyranid Gargoyles
 Eldar Warp Spider Exarch
Eldar Phoenix Lords

 3 unassembled ork helicopters
 Fantasy Bats
 New in shrinkwrap Tyranid Trygon/Mawloc
 Battlefleet Gothic Tyranids
Tyranid Zoanthrope

Necromunda Plastic Orlocks with Basic guns 26 total plus extra guns
Necromunda Plastic Orlocks with CCW & Pistols 15 Total
 2 Necromunda Orlock Leaders
 Necromunda Plastic Goliaths, 6 plus extra arms
 Necromunda Escher Gang 8 models, 2 complete sets available.
Necromunda Escher Gang extras, 4 with heavy Plasma Cannon, 2 with Heavy Stubber, 3 with Basic weapons
 Eldar Rangers
 Necromunda Metal Orlocks
Necromunda Van Saar

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