Friday, September 2, 2011

Assembling a Chapterhouse wheeled chimera kit

So I got a wheeled chimera upgrade kit for my Necromunda Arbites.


Here is a walkthrough and review of the kit.

1 It does not fit together, at all.  If you do not have a dremel tool, good razor saw and files this kit is not for you. If you have not worked with resin kits before and do not have patience skip this one.

The areas in black sharpie on the side panels is material that I had to remove for this kit to begin to fit together.

In this photo you can see the saw being held flush to the side while cutting the excess material away.

Here is a photo from the other angle, you can see that you will be leaving a small amount of resin less than 1/8th inch thick.

Now the sides fit the plastic box and we can get to the gaps that need to be filled.


  1. I was going to ask you how that kit was going together.

    The answer is rather disheartening...

  2. The reason why you had to make so many cuts is because you modified how the sides fit on the center hull. The kit should have fit fine if you used the existing cuts, but you wanted to move the side hulls lower in relation to the center hull.

    It also looks like you moved the center hull forward relative to where it fits normally on our kit.

    Do you have any photos of how it fit before you tried to modify the resin pieces? Looks like you did many cuts to modify how you wanted the kit to fit and that was a PITA (as is cutting resin).

    Send an email asking how it should fit to save yourself some trouble if you have questions.