Monday, October 3, 2011

Custom Tyranid Hive Tyrant Wings, Feedback please

I am working on a set of Hive Tyrant with scything talons.  My goal is to be cast these in resin and be able to offer them for sale.

Please look at the position of the talon coming off of the elbow and let me know which way you prefer.

First is a reference photo of the large scything talon from the Trygon kit.

Option 1 same orientation as the talons on the Trygon kit.

Option 2 elbow talon reversed to match the orientation of the scything talon.

Thanks for looking and for the feedback.


  1. option two makes a lot more sense anatomically. Things like these don't usually go in two directions on bugs unless said bug has some sort of mutation.

  2. I LIKE option 2, but doesn't option 1 better fit the GW design? Tougher choice then one would think at first...

  3. Option 2 it is, Neverness is right option is a better fit with existing design. However option 2 is winning public opinion as well as my own.

  4. I'd go for option 1 but I'd align the talon for 3 reasons.

    First: It looks more like an extension of the forearm.

    Second: it seems more logical that the talons would be used as a weapon when the sharp edge is facing outwards.

    Third: It's the direction all spiky bits on Nid forearms seem to be facing.

  5. the original option and reshape it.. those two options.. lame