Friday, October 7, 2011

Custom Tyranid Hive Tyrant Wings Pt. 3

Update Time

Today's photo.

First layer of Green Stuff has been applied to the top of the wing, I used heavy paper to make the base of the webbing then soaked it with super glue to add strength.  The GS has been textured using wet sand-able sand paper being pressed into the GS to leave a rough even texture.

Paper membrane ready for Green Stuff

I realized that this is the largest GS project I have ever done. I have used GS often to fill gaps and reconstruct small missing details, but nothing of this scope.

On this side I still need to re-work the talon on the elbow, the inner arm webbing, and the attaching tendons to the finger bones.

As always feedback and tips are appreciated.


  1. That is looking really impressive. I look forward to your progress posts!

  2. Faaantastic. You should cast this sucker and sell em!