Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Battle Report Eldar vs Marines 1850 points

Very few pics this time around.

I showed up at our local Hobby Town hoping for a game.  I had my 1500 point Eldar list and a few extras in case someone wanted to go larger.  The group there introduced me to Corey and his Ultramarines for a game.  Corey had a 1850 list so I scaled up to meet him.

My list was
Basic Farseer on bike joining a Guardian bike squad

4 Guardian bike squads
each with 6 bikes (2 w/cannons) and a warlock biker with conceal

3 Units of 10 man strong Warp Spiders (no exarchs)

A fire Prism with ghostwalk matrix and Holofields and Shuriken Cannon

2 Support weapon batteries each with 3 Shadow Weavers

And a Sky Shield Landing Pad with 3 upgraded barricade sections

For a total of 1808 points

My Warlord power was the one that lets you rearrange your units. My side of the board was so full that it was totally wasted. I went first as the marines were unable to seize in the darkness.  We rolled up Big Guns never tire on Dawn of War.

I knew the marines were holding 3 drops pods plus a unit of legion of the Damned in reserve so I held my troops back so that I did not leave any huge gaps that he could land a pod next to my artillery in.
In the darkness of turn one 30 warp spiders went on the hunt. 10 Spiders on my left flank took up cover in a multilevel ruin.  10 on my right flank jumped 17 inches forward and destroyed a rhino plus one passenger leaving 4 marines cowering in the crater. The 10 Spiders in the middle got fortuned from the Farseer and advanced on two melta bikers, killing them swiftly in the darkness.  A dreadnaught with 2 twinlinked autocannons lost an arm to the fireprism. Then the Spiders ran back and jumped back during the assault phase to hide in cover.

Here the middle spider have just wasted the bikers, and the right flank spiders are ready to slag the Rhino.

The right flank spiders, after slagging the Rhino jump up to the top of a building to hide from the marines.

The rest of the army sitting at the rear waiting to pounce when the pods appear.

Marine turn 1 killed a few spiders and dropped 2 pods just to the left and right of the Landing pad. a dual flamer dread opened up on and got 8 heavy flamer hits on the fortuned spiders.  Only one failed its re-rollable save.  The other pod double flamered the bike squad with the farseer that was hiding under the Pad. killing two bikers.

Eldar turn two killed 3 land speeders all of the drop pod contents, a unit of devastators in the ruins and most of the marines hiding in the crater.  The Marine player dropped the last pod near his fortified ruins and the LotD dropped in to support his ruins and objective.

Eldar turn three all of the pods were destroyed, the ruins cleared including the one armed dread and most of the LotD went back to being just ghosts.  Marine turn three realizing that he was down to a double las-cannon Razorback, a Command Rhino missing 2 hull points, and a Dread that was trying to hid from the spider death. The marine captain fled the field of battle.

In all I lost the main gun on the Fire Prism, 5 spiders from each unit, and 2 jet bikes.

It was a good game with a great opponent at a wonderful Hobby Town game night.  I look forward to the next game.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Is this thing still on?

Life gets in the way. Its been a while someone remind me what year is this and what edition are we in?
I am going to try to start updating this blog again, we shall see how long that lasts.
I have managed to get a few 40k games in recently, there might even be enough photos for a battle report.

I have added a swap shop link for old goodies I no longer need to be the keeper of and broken down my army pic pages to accommodate the Eldar and Tyranid hoardes.

With any luck I will get some photos up and maybe even a battle report or two.