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I have been very happy with the level of customer service from these guys on every order. 
Chapterhouse product review: Tyranid Lash Whip & Bone Swords                                                              

Very fast processing, no issues.

Very fast to ship from the UK, great to deal with.

I buy all my magnets from these guys, they have been the best I have found.  I have used them for years now.

My main source of white metal ingots and metal mold making materials.

Great alternate source for Tyranid and Tau parts.  Great to deal with.

One of the worst buyer experiences I have ever had.  I had to escalate the transaction with Paypal and still got no response from the company, the product took 7weeks and 2 days to arrive.  I LOVED THE MATS though.

My main source of silicon and resin for casting ( Smooth On products)

Great place for sheet polystyrene for custom building and conversions. They sell 4ft x 8ft sheets pre-cut for shipping. A 48sq ft sheet of .060 is $16.90 + shipping, 3 small pieces of the same stuff from Plastruct retail for $6.65 for a total of 1.75sq ft.  If you use any plastic this is the way to buy it.

Great discount on GW and outstanding customer service.
They now carry ProCreate & Instant Mold

My first stop for GW kit bitz, they have a great eBay store, If you want to bid for cheaper bitz and this independent site.