Sunday, May 15, 2011

Buyer Reviews / S6 Engineering

Update, this company has closed down.  :(

As a retail business owner and an avid hobbyist I often find myself looking for other buyer reviews before buying from webstores.  I thought I would start a series of reviews on the webstores I have purchased from and the products I have bought.  I hope this is helpful to you all.

Lets start with S6 Engineering , I found this site on Dakka Dakka and liked the looks of these magnetic flight stands for my Eldar skimmer fleet. 

I messaged Scott before ordering asking about shipping to the states on the stands and got a reply within 24hrs. S6 uses google checkout and the payment process was smooth and secure.  So I placed an order for some Improved Flying Stands.  My order arrived rather quickly considering that it was internation post.

The stands are laser cut acrylic and come with the magnets needed to complete them.  These are great on my eldar skimmers and have completly eliminated wobbly model syndrome.

(I wanted to add a photo of the stand on my models, however its difficult to photograph from underneath a big eldar skimmer)

My Experience in ordering from S6 was outstanding, as a company I would definately use them again and recommend them to others

I would rate the flying stands a 4.5 out of 5 and will be ordering more as needed

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