Sunday, May 15, 2011

Buyers review / Zuzzy Miniatures

As a retail business owner and an avid hobbyist I often find myself looking for other buyer reviews before buying from webstores. I thought I would start a series of reviews on the webstores I have purchased from and the products I have bought. I hope this is helpful to you all.

This time Zuzzy Miniatures   I have had Zuzzy bookmarked for quite some time.  I dont remember where I stumbled on them from.  Zuzzy makes terrain and battle mats to play on.

I had recently sold off alot of Genestealer Cult items and reinvested my hobby $ back into some tools and toys.  I broke down and ordered a 3 different mat types from Zuzzy. The broken blacktop mat seen above. The scourged forest mat seen below.

And a 2'x4' Verdant Fields mat that I intend on cutting into shapes to indicate forest terrain on my tables.

The mats are fantastic. They are latex rubber and they roll up for storage.  They come unpainted and smell rather bad.  I will be posting WiP progress shots as I break out the airbrush and prep these suckers up.

My Experience in ordering from Zuzzy Miniatures was normal, item goes in cart, pay for items, get a confirmation email. Nothing out of the norm here.

Thats when everything went to total gak with this transaction.  My confirmation said 2-5 weeks for delivery, even though the items were listed as in stock on the webstore.  At the 5 week mark I sent an email asking about my order that went unanswered. At the 42 day mark I started a dispute with paypal (they give you 45 days) that too went unanswered.  I posted on the Zuzzy forum along with other concerned customers, those posts went unanswered.

At the 7 week point I got an automated email saying that my items had shipped,  7weeks and 2 days after I made my order my mats arrived.  All of my communications went ignored

I would easily rate the first two mats a 5 out of 5, and the Verdant fields a 3.5 out of 5

I would love to be able to buy this product from a different vendor as this company went out of its way to inore me and other customers that I was in contact with during this trying time.  I would actually pay more for the mats through a different vendor to avoid dealing with  Zuzzy as a retail business.  I hope that they are able to repair their business model and get back to taking care of the customers that put money in their pockets.   D-

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  1. 4 posts in 1 day? Why don't you spread these out a bit, settle into a routine of once a day, every other day, etc. Don't want to burn through your idea pile out too quickly!