Friday, May 13, 2011

Tyranid Tervigons WiP

Photos of my tervigon brood:

5 Tervigons

These are based on a modified trygon kit with a carnifex enhanced senses head and carnifex legs that have been widened with greenstuff.

Widened Legs

 Profile Shots

Tervigon with crushing claws
These legs are copies of the legs shown above made out of ProCreate using Instant Mold to make a press mold.

Showing off the press molded legs
Tervigon with scything talons

Magnets ready to go

Don't look Tervigons have mommy parts.

The hands are termigant spinefists that have been cut up and modified.


  1. Those 'nurse-maid arms' are both creepy and thought-invoking LOL! I love what you've done with the magnets for this model.

  2. Love the conversion. The arms are very disturbing.

  3. Those are some amazing looking Tervigons, I like it that they look nothing "traditional" Tervigons!