Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hoarding Tyranids

The Great Hoard:
Forge World Beasties 
Armorcast Critters
Chapterhouse spore pods & Dark Arts hive walls


4 Hive Tyrants & 1 Flyrant
5 Original Tyrants being converted/magnetized to be Tyranid Primes or Tyrant Guard & 6 original Tyrant Guards
Tervigons magnetized arms, the tiny termagants are from the epic line and are used as markers for spawning ability

9 Hive Guard
3 Original Lictors
3 Venomthropes
6 Zoanthropes (original)
6 Zoanthropes (2nd gen) & 1 Zoanthrope (3rd gen) Doom of Malan'Tia

3 Pyovores

YMGARL Stealers (12)

39 Warriors (waiting to be magnetized)

Inquisitor Genestealer, used as Broodlord

52 Genestealers

6 Genestealers (Battle for McCragg)

12 Genestealers (current line)

80 Genestealers (purple)
6 Termagants w/Stranglewebs

6 Termagants w/Spike Rifles

6 Termagants w/Fleshborers

60 Termagants w/Devourers

38 Termagants (1st gen plastic)

16 Termagants (current gen)

80 Termagants ( Battle for McCragg)
40 Hormagaunts (original)

72 Hormagaunts 
10 Ripper Swarms (original)

36 Ripper Swarms

Fast Attack
18 Raveners (waiting to be magnetized)

20 Gargoyles

70 Gargoyles

Heavy Support
Carnifex (magnetized)

6 Biovores (1st Gen)

3 Mawloc/Trygon


  1. That is an obscene amount of models. Awesome collection - but when are you ever going to have toime to paint them all?

  2. Wow, that's an amazing collection of 'Nids! Really cool how you've integrated all of the older models, too. It's great to see the horde gathered together for this photo shoot. Thanks!

  3. :O
    i'll give you $10 for it?
    nah just kiddin, $20?

  4. Wow... alot of critters. Cool look into your collection, thank you for that ^^