Thursday, November 3, 2011

WiP Tyranid Swarmlord pt 2.5

I left the forked tail pics out of the pt3 update:

Here goes:

Current edition Hive Tyrant tail
I need 2 of these and I don't want to pay for them as bitz on eBay.

Press Mold
I used Instant Mold to make a quick press mold.

I took a piece of brass rod and bent it to shape to be structural support of the tail.

Beginning to pack the mold with ProCreate at a 60/40 mix.

Two short tail sections molded up with brass rod inserts ready for use.

I have seen people ask on forums how to bend plastic.
I picked this up at a Michael's store I think retail was $20 (they almost always have a %40-%50 off coupon).

Turn it set it down, nice little kick stand.  And hold the carnifex tail nearby until the plastic develops a very shiny surface.  It can then be bent very easily.

  • It will be hot, be smart when touching it.
  • You can burn a copy of your finger prints into the nearly molten plastic, if you do let me know so we can all laugh at you.
  • Have a pan of cool water nearby to dunk the part into, to set the plastic in the new shape.

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  1. That's a great step-by-step making the pin a structural piece from the start is a great idea.