Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tyranid Flying Rippers

I like the concept of flying ripper swarms, thought I would buy some I was looking at these.

These are Forgeworld's version and for the low low price $33.50 (for nine total winged bugs) I can order them from the UK, wait while they ship and then fix the bad quality sculpts that Forgeworld is known for.    I say no thank you to that.

I decided to make my own and cast them out of resin.

I am starting off with Warhammer Quest bats got them from eBay, Using the painted one and a broken one then reselling the rest of the lot.  I will have less than $2.00 in the bats.  (WINNING)
Also using 2 different jumping sculpts of ripper bodies, any Tyranid player will have tons of these. Lets call them free with purchase of other plastic crack.

Using a Hobby saw and clippers I cut the bats in half and then carved the body away, leaving 2 sets of wings.

Some glue and GreenStuff later, I now have 2 different winged rippers ready to be molded and cast.

$2.00 is so much better than $33.00


  1. Sweet! $33 for only 9 winged rippers!? Nuts! -joel

  2. Not only that but the small print says the metal rods are NOT included, also no mention on the site if 3 bases are included or not. FW & GW are so retarded in business ideas they occasionally make me want to punch people in the streets.