Monday, May 5, 2014

Battle Report Eldar vs Tau 1850 points

I showed up at our local Hobby Town to get a game in.  I challenged Patrick to avenge Nerverness's recent loss to the Tau.

My list was

4 units of Jetbikes, 6 bikes each 2 upgraded to cannons plus a warlock with a witchblade.  One unit gets joined by the Farseer

Farseer on bike with witchblade, runes of warding and witnessing

3 units of 10 warpspiders, one unit upgraded to an exarch.

2 units of 3 shadow weavers with an added warlock for conceal

1 FW Warp Hunter

We setup for dawn of war I picked sides and have first turn.  MY warlord power allows rerolls at a unit on the objective (never gets used) First turn is night time.  There were 3 objectives I place 2 in no-mans land and Patrick placed one in his deployment zone (sketchy fish people have no honor)

We played on the newest board that Pat made for the store, the trenches are all lava filled, models can't enter (deadly terrain) we also quickly realized that this board eats dice.

 My Deployment.  I left 2 units of Warp Spiders in reserves and tried to keep everything in cover just in case the Tau seize the initiative.
Tau's fishy deployment:
2 scouting marker light units not seen here 2 riptides, a devil fish & hammerhead, one upgrade with the HQ unit that helps BS, the transport had his warlord.

Turn 1 the dishonorable Fish steal the initiative and unleash.  However the Eldar are masters of cover and buffed saves.  The warp hunter was shaken and a few jetbikes fell to shooting.  On my turn Warp Spiders and bikes eliminated the forward scouts with marker lights and killed all but one of the other similar unit (first blood to me)

Here bikes retreat back behind a bastion and Spiders leap up for more cover saves

Turn 2 and 3 were hard fought on both sides, artillery kept killing fishies and riptides with a 2+/5+ and FNP 5+ showed just how tough they are.  My Spiders sat out turn 2, with one unit coming on in turn 3 shown above with the exarch unit coming on in turn 4.  The spiders make excellent tank hunters with 20 shots of str 7 hitting on 3s.

By the end of my turn 3 it was looking rough as most of the tau troops were dead and the tides were near death.

At the end of my 4th turn the tanks and tides were dead, there were 2 Tau troops units left one with 3 men, the other was a last man standing. I had 2 strong bike units plus a single biker from another allowing me to capture the 3 objectives.

This Tau list is the most resilient list with incredible fire power I have seen in 6th ed.  I lost 25+ warpspiders, 15+ bikes, a few wounded Artillery models ( at T7 with 2+ cover) and a hull point on a hull down hidden tank.  It was a much closer game than the VP total reflects.

The result was a sweep on VPs for the Eldar

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  1. By the end of my turn 3 it was looking rough as most of the tau troops were dead and the tides were near death.