Monday, May 12, 2014

Bring on 7th Ed

So I spent the weekend working on some FW models getting ready for no FOC lists.

Very happy with this kit. like most FW it will look great on the shelf.  Maybe FW will see more table time in 7th.  I have a hard time making a 6th list including this because of the current D-strength rules.

I say this was prepping for unbound glory and spam but truth is I have a few models lying around that needed work done to make it to shelves.

The Warp Hunter on the other hand Fits nicely into 6th.  I like the 36 inch barrage, and it seems a little toned down compared to the 24 barrage range from the support weapons.

One of these is not like the others, is it real or is it a recast?

Again round 2 of is it real or is it a recast.

Hopefully I will get these 50 or so Eldar guardian jetbikes based and primed along with the FW Lynx repair and conversion in the next post or two.


  1. Is it true that Chinese resin can be detected with a giger counter? ;)

  2. Due to FW's incessant pulling kits before theire ready from the molds, and the resulting lack of quality, were one to try & point out the bad ones above (if you could even tell), odds are they wouldn't be the recasts...