Friday, May 23, 2014

Forgeworld Hornets Arrive

New Arrivals

So I got a package of goodies in the mail today and quickly assembled 3 Eldar Hornets.  These are the best sculpts and best casts I have ever got.  The mold lines were minimal, there was no warpage other than a few of the gun barrels.  I have never had a Forgeworld kit go together so easily.  

Here Unassembled.

Nice little heat sealed baggies!

Now some of you might be saying, hey FW uses printed ziplock baggies.  You would be right. They also have never sent me anything this well cast.  FW has a habit of using molds well past the point at which they should have been replaced. As well as pulling casts before the model has completely cured.  These suffer from none of those issues.

Move over jetbike hoard fresh new resin from a distant land that has no IP laws has arrived.  

Neverness happens to work with me in the real world, he jokingly suggested that working in an environment where your overseers may be armed with AK-47s might contribute to the quality of the product.

Sadly the company I would like to buy these from does not respect its customers and have driven the costs of its product up while allowing the quality to suffer. When you allow this to happen you open the door to others that will offer better quality at a better price.

Size comparison against a standard Eldar Falcon

Also in the box a Revenant titan with pulsars.  It to is a very well cast kit, and shall be gracing this blog over the next few posts.

I spoke to the supplier of these kits and he is ok with me listing his contact info.  He has worked in the States and speaks English.  I got these in the mail within 10 days of paying for them.  For my order it worked out to about one third of the cost vs ordering from the UK.

If you want to find out more email and tell him that the Warfrog sent you.


  1. Those look great! Thanks for the contact info. I've been trying to source some pieces for awhile now. It's a good sign when you order three kits, and all three turn out great. Didn't realize the hornets were that big as well!

  2. These are the best sculpts and best casts I have ever got.