Wednesday, May 14, 2014

FW Lynx Conversion

Follow up on a previous post where I repaired some minor issues.

After looking at how the cannon assembly works on the standard Lynx I realized that a hull brace like the FW Cobra would be a great modification.

Stock photo from FW's site, showing mount style I am hoping to build.

Here you can see where I have ground down the existing hull and added in a piece of plastic card to form the mount.

Here the Gun has bee glued into place and is resting on the mount strut.

Here the mount has been melted with a heat gun and wrapped up around the barrel.

Here the mount ring has been completed 100% around the barrel using Pro-Create.

Now the cannon barrel will stay secure in while transporting the model, and the barrel wont droop under its own weight.

Some final sanding and details will follow shortly.